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Search Engine Patents

In this section, I have placed some of the publicly available search engine patents and patent applications that are in some way related to search engine optimization.

Google Patents

Information retrieval based on historical data

Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity

Detecting duplicate and near-duplicate files

Detecting query-specific duplicate documents

Techniques for finding related hyperlinked documents using link-based analysis

Methods and apparatus for employing usage statistics in document retrieval

Search Engine Papers

Search engine papers are copyrighted and I can't publish them on my site. Therefore, I have placed links to search engine papers that I find interesting. Most papers are published by people who work for the top search engines. I have also enclosed short comments about each paper.

All links point to citeseer, a search engine for scientific papers. When you open the respective link on citeseer, you will find links to the specific paper on different formats (pdf, html, postscript etc.).

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine - This paper by Google's founders Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, describes Google's prototype.

The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web - The original PageRank paper.

Topic-Sensitive PageRank - Could this be the future of PageRank? The author of this paper now works at Google.

Who Links to Whom: Mining Linkage between Web Sites - Very interesting paper authored by people who work at Google. The paper has many implications on natural linking and the future of Google's ranking algorithm.

Finding Related Pages in the World Wide Web - Paper discusses methods for finding related pages on the web. The paper has various implications on mining related and unrelated pages/sites.

Efficient Crawling Through URL Ordering - If you want to learn more about crawling, you will find this paper interesting.

More Search Engine Research Resources

Scientific Literature Digital Library - The place to dig out interesting papers.

United States Patents' Database - Here you can read patents and patent applications.

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